Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Slide. Finally.

Weeeeeeee' fit it.
The Slide! 

We said we would. But it wasn't 100% sure we could. Conceptually it was our intention but everyone seemed a little skeptical around us, doubting it actually could be done within our available walls and space. 
We basically had to cut open walls and floors to find out (in our newly remodeled/ finished home) and, well, we gave it a go!
I wanted a big Yellow Tube Slide to give Samuelle an alternative route to her play-basement from the main floor. That's what I had in mind. And from the moment I shared my plan with her… There was no going back! (She had already told her entire world about Her Slide!)

As the actual remodel dragged on (before and after remodel story and pics), the slide project kept being pushed back and was seemingly loosing momentum. We were then told that a tube slide won't fit within our actual walls… that we'd have to build a landing platform and opt for an open top slide. Though, I don't compromise very well when a vision has already come to life in my mind.  This news kept me awake for a few nights - and after the third sleepless twilight, I woke up with blue tape in one hand and measuring tape in the other; then I started making sense of our walls and footprints. That afternoon I ordered The Yellow Tube Slide online, which caused many more sleepless nights after that, wondering "Will it fit?" "Are we going to cut open our walls and floors to find out it won't?"

I scheduled our beloved and highly talented trim Carpenter (Mike Cantrell) to come install The Slide with me. I didn't tell him over the phone that I had ordered the tube slide instead of the open top one. I figured he would notice at some point! ;) I also knew that he would love the challenge once put in front of it! And he did! He was on it! Right there and then I saw it in his eyes, we were going to make this work no matter what.

No turning back! #indoorslide
A close fit! #indoorslide
Mike let me cut the first hole in the wall. It had to work now!! As we went along, we ran into a few moments of doubt, short panics (and a whole lot of sweating.)  For instance, the original turn of the slide was turning into a plumbed wall, but we managed to tweak it. Also some of these cuts and measurements were cutting it real close. Like, REAL close. SUPER LUCKY close! Made for a few good nervous laughs on the job!

Tide fit! #indoorslide
There she is, almost done! #indoorslide
Install took two days of hard labor and creative thinking to make it all work and fit together - with safety in mind! You can only imagine the anxiety the first night - when the slide was already in and we couldn't go down it yet ;) But all was well with the world because as promised: Mike got the slide in and ready to go right before Christmas!!! One heck of a Christmas gift for Samuelle… (& for all of us immature grown ups!)

Weeeeeee' #indoorslide
Oh the fun! #indoorslide
Christmas day was one crazy party in this house. Even grandma went down The Slide several times (incremental with the amount of wine that went down;)

Thank you Mike Cantrell! You were the real Santa Claus for us this year!!

Note: You'll never guess what family member likes the slide the most!? Sugar Banana Pants… Yes, our cat LOVES going down the slide - over and over again!

Sugar Banana Pants, our cat, 
LOVES going down the slide! #catslide
Best laundry shoot ever. 
#bestlaundryshoot #laundryshoot

Here are a few videos from our memorable slide opening party on Christmas day: 
Yep! That's how Christmas went down in this house!

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#indoorslide #Slide #catslide #bestlaundryshoot

Thank you Mike Cantrell!! I LOVE my slide!!!

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